About Ensley Properties Inc.

Ensley Properties, Inc. (EPI) was formed in 1992 by Art and Linda Ensley to provide quality transaction and land services to its clients. EPI clients include a wide range of oil and gas entities including majors, large independents, midsize and private. Other client segments include pipeline and midstream entities plus law firms engaged in oil and gas transactions and title. EPI will deliver integrity, experience and results you expect when we provide your contract professionals for short term or long term projects, for project managers and data specialists.

EPI will customize any project staff for special projects and manage it for you. Here are some examples of special projects EPI can assist your staff with:

  • GIS Mapping
  • Data Conversion, Data Integrity and
    Data Integration
  • Special Land Projects Staffing and
  • Records Imaging and Indexing
  • Temp to Perm Placement
  • Complete Land, Acquisition and
    Divestiture Transaction Due Diligence
  • Land Administration Department
  • Field Work to Compliment Transactions
  • Management skills provided for client projects
  • Eagle Eye analytic software to enhance our land services

EPI has always counted on our reputation to provide its clients with quality land services in the most efficient means possible.

EPI can identify staff/contractors for any project you may have and provide management of that project if needed.

Our goal for due diligence projects is to leave our client with a useful tool to continue the management and use of information we have gathered and worked throughout the entire due diligence project. 

Our goal for in-house projects is to provide a targeted skill set to assist our clients in the most efficient path to project completion.

For more information on our transaction or land services, please feel free to contact us at 713.622.7332 or send us an email.
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